The Top Things to Do in Bali

Bali is the quintessential paradise island, with white sand beaches, palm trees and glittering turquoise water. However, this fascinating Indonesian island is so much more than just a beautiful place to sip fruit smoothies in a hammock and work on your tan. Bali offers ancient temples and holy places, art galleries, superb restaurants, rugged hiking trails and even active volcanoes to climb.

Here are a few samples of what you can do on your holiday when you book cheap flights to this gorgeous tropical paradise:

Watch the Sunrise on Mount Batur

If you wake up before the dawn and start climbing at around 4am, you will reach the summit of this volcanic peak at around 6am just in time to watch the burning hot sun start to spill over the horizon and light up the Lombok strait. It’s a stunning view that you will never forget. You can arrange a trip to this mountain with your guesthouse. Bring a jacket, because it will be cold before the dawn.

Go Snorkelling around Menjangan Island

This remote little corner of Bali is the perfect place to peer beneath the waters and discover an underwater wonderland absolutely resplendent with colourful marine life. You can stay at the beach in nearby Pemuteran and then afterwards take a trip to the Taman Nasional Bali Barat where you can see some flora and fauna native to Bali.

Watch the Herons in Petulu

Here in this quiet village, there is a massive migration of herons every night. The locals believe that these elegant long-legged birds are the manifestation of the spirits of those who were killed in a violent communist cleansing in the 1960s. These beautiful birds began flocking to the town exactly one week after the brutal massacre and they have come to Petulu every night since then.

Learn to Surf in Kuta

This buzzing beach is a great place for even the clumsiest beginner to learn the technique. As the waves break on sand here in Kuta rather than coral, there is little danger that you will injure yourself while you are learning how to stand up on the board. Plus, it has a great nightlife where you can party until dawn.

Make the Most of Bali with Your Air Ticket Agent

If you have fallen in love with Bali and can’t wait to book your cheap flights, the best way to arrange your travel is by using an air ticket agent. Booking with a travel agent has a number of advantages, as they will be able to use their insider connections to help you create the absolute holiday of your dreams. You will also save your valuable time and money.

When you book flights to Bali with Flight Centre, you can rest assured that you will always be getting the cheapest price. This is because they offer the ‘Lowest Airfare Guarantee”. If you find a flight from Hong Kong to Bali for cheaper, they will beat the price by $10 as well as give you a $100 voucher for future travel. Your travel agent makes it even cheaper for you to set off on your dream adventure in Bali.

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