Taipei Pineapple Cake Cultural Festival Starts on 21st of June, 2013 - Be ready to Pamper Your Taste Buds

Taipei - the glorious capital city has a series of festivals and events sequenced all through the year. May be these events are conducted with an intention on culture, religion or promotion, the ultimate outcome is a non-stop gala, which spreads the smile on every individual's face regardless of the race, religion and the purpose of the event.

Awestruck in this fascinating land of Taipei by making yourself a part of this wonderful celebration, the Taipei Pineapple Cake Cultural Festival. There is no stuff to wonder or laugh at, as this is not a gag or a tale - this yummy festival is truly happening every year in Taipei. This gala had fabulously started eight years back and the marvelousness has stepped into the ninth year now. This event was started with an intent in making Taipei's native fruits popular among the vacationers thus promoting natural food products of the city to the people of the nation as well as to that of the neighboring countries.

The core concept of this festival is to make pineapple cakes into small gold bricks and decorating it to attract the viewers. These specially made gold brick shaped pineapple cakes are distributed to everyone that comes to the event. There are bakers coming from different countries and continents of the world, to participate in this extraordinary event to show their innovative cake baking concepts and decorations. Usually the occasion commences with the well-loved Taiwanese tea, and gradually processes to the cake baking. Competitions are indeed conducted for the participants and viewers and toppers are rewarded with prizes and appreciations.

The Taipei City Government shows great interest in this innovative cake festival, and the Taipei Bakery Association also rubs its shoulder with the local government. It shows its interest by promoting the city's farming products by baking innovative cakes with Taipei's fruits, importantly Pineapple.

It is essential to leave a note on the dates and venue of this grand cake festival. The celebration starts on the 21st of June and it continues for another two sequence of days, and will wind up on 23rd on the same month, 2013. Come to enjoy these three days in Taipei at the Taipei Expo Park, and enjoy with your family in an unexpected way. As this is an international event, do not expect for vacant hotel rooms. It is anyhow safe and wise to book your spaces prior in one of the budget friendly hotels in Taipei, such as the Tokyo International Hotel Taipei. If you opt your stay in such hotels you can reach the expo park in minutes by opting a public transportation and can stay without any worries on room rentals, hotel services and amenities, leisure and business facilities and room facilities.


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