Few Interesting Destinations for a Vacation in South America

South America is surely not the most developed economically region, but it is though one of the most interesting destinations for tourists from all over the world. There is located Brazil with its famous carnival, Chile and Argentina with its interesting history and places of interest and many other smaller and bigger spots, rivers and rainforest, which will be amazing for anybody, especially for those coming from different continents.

When looking for an area to escape from the every day life in Europe or North America and see something really unique you can go to the Pantanal in Brazil. This country is still the most preferred destination in the continent because it has large territories with amazing nature, not touched by human’s hand. This particular spot is one of the largest wetlands that exist in the world from every type that is famous to the people. It is interesting fact that the wetland is not only inside the borders of Brazil. Some parts of it are included in the neighboring countries of Bolivia and Paraguay. Its land is estimated to not less than fifty-four square miles which are separated into twelve different ecosystems. Since the year 2000 the place is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Few Interesting Destinations for a Vacation in South America The options for the tourists coming in the area are numerous. Camping and lodging are just some of them. The visitors can be transported to the places for accommodation with the tour facilities built with the years in the region. The access is possible to almost every part of the region, so the tourists will fully enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness of the place. The hotels and the services in the area are very good. Most of them are offering very interesting things for the free time of their visitors. Amongst the offers are night safaris with jeep, piranha fishing, excursions by the rivers, horseback riding, nature walks and many more which seem like guarantee for a nice time spent in the region.

Few Interesting Destinations for a Vacation in South America2 Another natural spot which will fully uncover its beauty to those who decided to come and enjoy it is the Torres del Paine Park in Chile. One of the best hiking destinations in the whole country the place will charm every tourist with its breathtaking views and marked paths. The hikers will have very large choice of options, which include from one day hikes up to nine days which covers the whole circle of treks in the area. It is great experience to take lunch or breakfast surrounded by these almost unreal panoramas.

Few Interesting Destinations for a Vacation in South America3 It is good to know that when you are undertaking a trip in the area you have to be very well prepared. The region is famous with the fast and unpredictable weather changes that can catch you in a very unpleasant situation.

In case your goal is the area around the Amazon River, then you should better find a place to stay in Puerto Maldonado in Peru. The town is located in the heart of the Amazon forest and is close to the Bolivian border. The place is also gateway to three national parks, situated in the area. The tourists can enjoy many other things except the waters of the rivers. There is great variety of birds and animals, amongst which some very interesting and even dangerous like tarantulas and anacondas. The area is accessible with plane from almost every part of the country. The advice of the locals is to reserve and use guided tours in the region. Otherwise you may happen to get in some very dangerous situations when you go alone.

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