Beach Holiday Vs City Breaks

It can be hard to strike a compromise between fans of sun sea and sand and lovers of history, nightlife and shopping. Sometimes you just need to make up a pros and cons list - here are a few reasons for both sides.

For many the only way to enjoy a holiday is on a beach and with a cold drink in hand. For others a good holiday means partying at night and shopping during the day. Others need culture and architecture before they feel like they’ve made the most of a holiday.

It can be hard to find a balance, especially when you are trying to cater for a family full of individuals with very different tastes. Sometimes the only thing to do is to get the map out and make a list of pros and cons. Take a few destinations and find what you want the most out of your holiday. Here are a few suggestions to help you decide what sort of holiday you’d like - a beach holiday or a city break.

A beach holiday has all the hallmarks of a classic getaway; relaxation, sun and a spot of swimming. However, sometimes the very best beaches aren’t near the very best holiday locations. It can be all very well finding a spot of golden sand but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the best accommodation.

There are some beaches that have a little of both on offer. Phuket, in Thailand, offers somewhat of a compromise between accommodation and beautiful beaches. Part island, part peninsula, Phuket is bordered by many incredible beaches, with clear water and beautifully golden sand. However, Phuket Island is also dotted with many interesting attractions and villages. Pahtong beach offers many different places to stay, including very affordable housing and hostels, all within walking distance of the beach. It also has a very extensive collection of markets and shops so if shopping is your goal, you won’t be disappointed.

On the other side of the fence, if you are more interested in good clubs and shopping meccas than beaches, you might want to consider a trip to a city like Berlin. Berlin has an incredible nightlife, where you can literally party all night. Clubs stay open until 7am, whilst most bars open around that time.

Berlin also has many shops, which offer a range of chic and fashionable clothing. If your goal is fashion and fun, you won’t go far wrong with Berlin. Berlin is also a city of culture, with lots of incredible bookshops, art galleries and museums - a great number of which are free to the public. This makes it a great option for both those who need a little bit of quiet contemplation and those who enjoy a bit more partying and excitement in their holidays.

Whether your idea of fun is a blissful city break or an indulgent beach holiday, just make sure you find the best deals on offer.


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